Different Types of Manicures Treatment that you should Try at Least for Once

Being women, we all love to pamper ourselves. So, we all make sure to dedicate certain days of each month to treating ourselves properly, with one of them the salon day. When we left the salon, our skin and hair look perfect. But, there is another thing which is as important as skin and hair, are the nails. 

Our nails require some attention as well as, you can give them by simply getting a manicure treatment. Manicures not only make your nails look beautiful, but it also helps to go a long way securing clean and healthy nails. As a body party, we have to takes as much as the care we do for our skin and hair as no matter how beautiful your skin and hair, unmaintained nails are pretty turned off.

However, before getting a manicure treatment, you should check out deferment types of manicure to that you will be able to choose the accurate one for you.

Different Types of Manicure Treatment in Singapore

As you decide to learn each and everything about the Manicure, let’s begin with the different types of Manicure that most of the salon offers.

Basic or Traditional Manicure treatment:

If this is the first time you go for a Manicure, then Basic Manicure is that you can get. This is also a reliable option for those who want to fix their nail quickly since the Basic Manicure is simple and fuss-free.

What to Expect?

  • At first step, your salon technician applies cream or lotion on your cuticles. After a while, your hands will be soaked in the warm water.
  • Next, the salon technician will dry your nails and then remove the dirt from the cuticles.
  • Now, the nails will be cleaned, trimmed, and shaped.
  • Afterwards, A nail paint will be applied on your nails followed by the color you prefer
  • Lastly, the top coat will be applied to your nails.

How long does it stay?

  • More than a week.

How do you remove Basic Manicure?

  • By using an organic nail polish remover along with a cotton pad or ball, you will be able to remove the nail paint from your nail surface on your own.

Elegant French Manicure treatment:

It is one of the most popular Manicure treatments that never disappoint anyone. The crystal clear white nail paint on the edge of the nails will give your nails an attractive look. Now, there is a couple of nude shades that you can try.

What to Expect?

  • Initially, your nails will be cleaned, trimmed and shaped
  • Afterwards, your nails will be painted with a nude pink or beige shade
  • When it dries, the nails will be coated with nail paint.

How long does it stay?

  • Up to 2 weeks.

How do you remove French Manicure?

  • You do not require to remove the nail paint from your nail surface since it will not react with your nails anyway. So, just Relax!!!!

You can also try any other nail paint as per your choice and get a classy look of the French Manicure.

Delightful Paraffin Manicure Treatment:

Paraffin Manicure is the best option for those who have really rough or dry skin. Paraffin is a hand spa treatment that includes a gentle message with lotion or oil. At the end of the treatment, you will be surely surprised by the softness of your skin.

What to Expect?

  • Primarily, your salon technician melts the Paraffin wax into a melting box and let it cool for a bit.
  • Meanwhile, your hands are cleaned and messaged with moisturizer.
  • Once the temperature of the wax is bearable, you will ask to dip your hand on the bowl that contains the wax and allow it to dry on your hand. Afterward, your hands are dipped on the wax one more time and let it sit for 5-10 minutes to dry it up.
  • This process is followed 7 times and your hands are coved with 7 layers of Paraffin wax.
  • Let the layer sit for more than 40 minutes and when it completely dried up, the wax is removed and it is followed by the basic manicure process.

How long does it Stay?

  • The out came of hydrated skin can be felt for more than a week after treatment

How do you Remove Paraffin Manicure?

  • Not required, as it will stay on the nails for a long time and even do not react with the nails. If you want to change the color of the nail paint, then simply use an organic nail paint remover.

Delicate American Manicure Treatment:

If you are looking for a subtle and natural Manicure, then American Manicure is the perfect choice for you. Here, your nail blended with a unique shape. It is an elegant style for those who want attractive nails.

What to Expect?

Like the other Manicure process, American Manicure also contains similar steps including cleaning and trimming the nails. But, the difference lies in the nail paint colour that is used to paint the nails.

How long does it Stay?

  • 1 week or more

How do you Remove American Manicure?

You can remove the nails paint by using a cotton swab along with a traditional nail polish remover.

Subtle Gel Manicure Treatment:

If you are searching for a low maintained stylish option, then Gel Manicure is the option that you might want. Basically, Gel Manicure does not need regular maintenance. This treatment simply includes the utilization of a special nail paint that is cured under the UV ray for a long-lasting effect.

What to Expect?

  • Gel Manicure begins with the basic steps including cleaning, trimming buffing, pushing the nails, and cuticles back.
  • After these steps, apply two coats of gel nail paint on your nails.
  • Once the coats are dries, apply the top coat of the nail paint.
  • Post this, you will be asked to expose your nails under the UV rays. Keep in mind this process takes some time.

How long does it Stay?

  • Almost 3 weeks with TLC

How do you Remove Gel Manicure?

  • If you have opted for a hard gel, then seeking professional help can be the best option. But, in case of the soft get, remove it using a cotton pad and nail polish remover.

Amusing Mirror Manicure:

It is one of the most popular Manicure processes that grabbed the attention of Millennials through social media. So, if you are looking for a Manicure that helps to look your nails strikingly attractive, then Mirror Manicure is the one you love the most.

What to Expect?

  • Like the other Manicure treatment, Mirror Manicure also begins with a similar treatment involving cleaning the cuticles, dipping the hands in warm water, messaging them in a gentle manner with moisturizer or lotion.
  • In addition to this, there is a vibrant color that will be applied to your nails to give them an attractive look. If you want to show your inner bling via your nails, you can proceed with it.

How long does it Stay?

  • Up to 2 weeks

How do you Remove Mirror Manicure?

You can remove it at your home by using cotton pads and organic nail polish remover. On the other hand, then you can also visit the manicure professional at a salon.

Attractive Acrylic Manicure:

The Acrylic Manicure is the fusion of powder polymer and a liquid monomer that makes a hard protective layer over the nails and then coated with gentle nail paint. So, this is the best option for those who do not have long nails. Basically, it is one kind of a nail extension that camouflaged as the real one eventually. This is the best to get it done by a manicured professional at a renowned salon.

What to Expect?

  • Initially, the manicure professional buffs your nail surface in order to make it rough. Since the uneven surface enables the nail extension to stick easily to the original nail surface.
  • The gel based acrylic manicure mixture applied on the nails with the help of a brush. Now, the mixture eventually spends on the nails using a brush for getting a smooth effect.
  • When the mixture properly dried on the nails, you will ask to choose nail paint.
  • Lastly, the nail point will applied on the nail surface.

How long does it Stays?

  • More than 3 weeks

How do you Remove Acrylic Manicure?

  • Using cotton pad, foil and acetone, you can easily remove the nail paint at your home. But, for getting the best results, you should visit the salon

Alluring Shellac Manicure:

Are you too lazy to take care of your nails on a daily basis? In that case, Shellac is the best option for you. With a smooth blend of gel and regular nail paint make the Shellac extremely durable.

What to Expect?

  • The basic steps of the Shellac Manicure involve cleaning and trimming the nails.
  • In the next step, two layers of Shellac nail paint is applied on the nails.
  • Afterwards, the top coat is applied once the previous codes are properly dried.

How long does it Stay?

  • More than 2 weeks

How do you Remove Shellac Manicure?

If you want to remove the nail paint at your home, then do it by using aluminum foil, acetone, and cotton pads. On the other hand, you can seek professional help to remove the nail paint.

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